Thursday, January 14, 2010

Button Up Book Cover with Bookmark

Button Up Book Cover with Bookmark

By Sue Usiatynski

Worsted weight yarn (3.8 oz)
I hook
Yarn needle
Stitch marker

9.75” high, 6.75” wide, 1.25” deep

beg = beginning
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
dec = decrease
Rnd = round
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
st = stitch

Front and back (make 2):

First 12 rows are worked in Rnds. Place a marker in first stitch of each row.

Ch 37

Rnd 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and next 34 st, 2sc in last ch, now working in unused loops in beg ch sc in next 34 st and last ch. This is the right side. (72 sc)

Rnd 2-12: sc in 1st st and around. (72 sc)

The rest of this part of pattern is worked in rows.

Row 13: ch 1, turn, sc dec in 1st two st, sc in next 32 st, sc dec in next 2 st leaving the rest of the st unworked. (2 sc dec, 32 sc)

Row 14-27: ch 1, turn, sc in 1st and next 33 st. (34 sc)

Do as many rows as you need to cover your book. The book I used only required 27 rows.

Finish off and weave in ends on 1st piece only.

Assembly of front and back:

Once 2nd piece is completed put both pieces together with right sides together. Sl st the 2 pieces together along row 27. Do NOT finish off if you are making the attached bookmark.

Continuing from the assembly, ch 61. This is the top.

3sc in 2nd ch from hook, 4dc in each of the next 14 ch, 3sc in next ch, sl st in each of the next 45 ch, sl st to cover. Finish off, weave in ends.

Button closure:

Ch 17

Rnd 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and next 15 ch, ch 4 (leave these unworked for now), now working in unused loops from beg ch sc in next 16 ch, join with sl st to 1st sc. (32 sc, 4 ch)

Rnd 2: ch 1, sc in joining and next 15 st, 4 sc in ch 4 loop, sc in next 16 st and joining st from Rnd 1, finish off leaving long tail for attaching, weave in beg tail. (37 sc)

Attaching button and closure:

Whip stitch closure in place starting at row 6 of BACK (with cover laid out, bookmark will be at top and back will be on the right side of bookmark) and centered vertically. Make sure you do not sew closure to both sides of the Rnds.

Attach button between rows 5 and 6 of FRONT (with cover laid out flat, bookmark will be at top and front will be on the right) and centered vertically.

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  1. This is so neat! Definite Christmas idea & stocking stuffer!